For Therapists Health:

The expression of the DNA and the discovery of new genes and pathways involved in the intervention mechanisms in the cell DNA leading to the diversion of the normal proliferation of the consequent formation of molecular pathways that could cause programmed cell death. The above process is implicated in carcinogenesis, genetic abnormalities involved in creating genetically predetermined diseases (such as cancer, heart disease, mental disorders, eye diseases, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, etc.)

The discovery of these molecular pathways and the repair of the genetic and epigenetic material with the help of Translational Research, Nanotechnology, Nanomedicine, the NCI COMPARE program and other advanced discoveries of various sciences, leads us to new models in the future therapeutic approach for each patient.

Knowing the molecular signature (molecular signature) of each patient and the disease, we will be able in the future to grant the appropriate individualized targeted therapy, which will act only in pathological cells and has minimal side effects in the remaining normal cells .

The discovery of these molecular pathways that lead to disease, will enable us in future drug discovery (molecular biomarkers) that blocks and prevent its manifestation. This will result in the economy in the area of ​​prevention, diagnosis and the treatment for each patient, resulting in efficiency and economy in Healthcare.

For achieving all these goals, I welcome all Health Therapists and invite them to accompany the scientific activities of Hellenic and International Society of Molecular Targeted and Personalized Treatments.

George F. Samelis
Medical Oncologist MD
President of H.I.S.M.T.P.T.